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Tijara Fort-Palace - 19th Century, Alwar

The princely state of Alwar was founded by Rao Raja Pratap Singh at Machedi in the year 1775 CE. He died in 1790 CE. His adopted son Rao Raja Bakhtawar Singh ascended the throne of Alwar in 1790 at the age of 15. He died in 1814 CE. This prince, during one of his rural campaigns, happened to see a village girl with whom he was totally infatuated with and took her to his palace in a 'dola', or a palanquin. She became the Maharaja's favourite mistress and was known as 'Moosi Rani'. In 1808 CE, she gave birth to a son named Balwant Singh and a girl named Chand Bai. It was her wish that her offspring should be married into pure Rajput families. Accordingly, Balwant Singh was married to a daughter of the Chauhan Thakur of Kishanpur near Silisedh lake and Chand Bai was married to Chauhan Thakur of Tatarpur. Even though she was only a mistress, Rani Mossi committed Sati at the death of the Maharaja, and thereby posthumously earned the title of Maharani. Her son too earned the title of ‘Maharaja’. Therefore after Bakhtawar Singh, the territory of Alwar state was divided into two parts. Two-third of the territory with its capital at Alwar city was awarded to his nephew Maharaja Viney Singh, and the remaining one-third of the territory consisting of the Parganas of Tijara, Kishangarh, Mandhan, Karnikot and Mundawar – with its capital at Tijara – was awarded to Maharaja Balwant Singh. The jagirs of Tijara and Alwar had been given to Alawal Khan, a Khanzada, by Bahlol Lodi of Delhi. The Khanzadas had converted to Islam during Firuz Shah Tughlaq's reign in the 14th century. Alawal Khan was succeeded by his son Hasan Khan Mewati, who had sided with Ibraham Lodi and Rana Sanga – who were vanquished in their battles against Babar, the founder of Mughal dynasty. This was in the years 1525 CE and 1527 CE respectively.


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Hasanpurmafi, Tijara, Rajasthan 301411

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